The Sylvan Hall Estate on Round Hill was the site of four large houses with attendant staff cottages. In 1850 the Colbatch-Clark family bought the land and developed it, as Round Hill Park, which also included the semi-detached villas that today are numbers 68 to 80 on the east side of Ditchling Road.


Our estate takes its name from Sylvan Hall (pictured above), which was on the site now occupied by Holt Lodge and The Pines, whilst the other houses were Hill Lodge, Woodfield Lodge and Rose Hill Cottage. At the beginning of the 20th century Sylvan Hall was home to Henry John Infield who owned the Southern Publishing Company, proprietors of the Sussex Daily News and The Argus.


In the early 1930s the land was sold to the Diocese of Chichester who used the big houses as dormitories for their students from the college (the large building on Viaduct Road). By 1938 the church wished to close the college and sell the buildings that they owned but war intervened and the college was taken over by the army as the Pay Office for the Royal Engineers and the big houses were also rented out to the army.


After the war Brighton Corporation compulsorily purchased the land and buildings for £16,500 and in 1948 started to build the estate as it now appears. As there was an urgent need for housing the council immediately converted Sylvan Hall itself into nine flats, whilst starting building the rest of the estate, starting with Elm Lodge. When all the original flats had been completed Sylvan Hall itself was demolished and Holt Lodge and The Pines built on the site and at the same time The Laurels was built on the site of 31, 32 & 33 Wakefield Road which had been cottages for the gardeners of Woodfield Lodge. The estate as we see it today was completed in 1976.



  1. Welcome


  1. A minute’s quiet reflection in memory of

Members who have passed away in the past year.


  1. Apologies for absence.


  1. Opening remarks from the Chairman.

Approval of audited accounts.


  1. Discussion about the prospect of taking over the

Grounds Maintenance contract at Sylvan Hall under the terms of

The Community Cashback Scheme and setting up a Task & Finish Group (Friends of Sylvan Hall) to take this project forward.


  1. Open discussion where Members can:

Share concerns about estate-related issues

Suggest ideas how residents might be encouraged to get involved in community activities – e.g. socially events


  1. The election of Members of the Committee

(to be conducted by Rebecca Mann, RIO, B&HCC)

The following have offered themselves for election:

Chairman: Barry Hughes

Secretary: Linda Shaw

Treasurer: Pam Williams


Jean Bairstow, Michael Bairstow

Kate Fisher, Sally Saunders

Plus others who put their names forward.


  1. Meeting closes.

Linda Shaw

Secretary, Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association

2 The Cedars, Bromley Road, Telephone 07807 560711

23 July 2016.



All Sylvan Hall residents – council tenants and leaseholders and the tenants of leaseholders – especially new arrivals, are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Residents’ Association that will take place at the MacLaren Pavilion on The Level on Wednesday 27th July. The room will be open from 6.30pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7pm.


A formal Agenda will be posted before the meeting and will include the presentation of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Association.


We are particularly interested to receive nominations for the Committee and these, together with proposals for discussion under Any Other Business should be given to me as soon as possible before the meeting.


The meeting will also discuss a proposal to take over the grounds maintenance on the estate as mooted in the last edition of Sylvan Voice. The proposal is that this would be undertaken on the terms of the Community Cashback Scheme, a local agreement between our landlord and the Residents’ Association specifically designed for small scale services such as gardening and grounds maintenance.


We are seeking the approval of the AGM to set up a Panel to investigate this prospect and we are looking to recruit members to this Panel who may or may not be full time Members of the central management committee. Members of the Panel, which will take the form of a task & finish group, will need to have a commitment to residents and the community, be willing to work as a team, be able to communicate clearly and be able to plan and organise projects including the undertaking of risk assessments.


Linda Shaw

Secretary, Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association

2 The Cedars, Bromley Road, Telephone 07807 560711

12 July 2016.

Residents will have noticed that we have been without a Neighbourhood Officer for some time and I am delighted to announce that we are now going to be looked after by Allan Haryott. Allan is a very experienced and capable individual and I am sure that you will all make him welcome.


Welcome to Sylvan Hall

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