Welcome to Sylvan Voice – a voice of your own? Maybe in time. When we first suggested having a web site for the Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association the response came borne on indifference and a coach and six, to the tumultuous applause of one hand clapping.

Such a response can be interpreted in a number of ways. Critics might call it apathy. Others might cite it as a sign of contentment. I personally veer to the latter interpretation. Life on Sylvan Hall is pretty good, the neighbours are nice ad friendly the flats are safe and comfortable, the enironment is clean and pleasant and well maintained. At least it has been for the most part up until now.

One of the reasons for this contentment is the back-room work put in by successive residents on the SHRA committee, to keep up standards and to maintain Sylvan Hall as a pleasant place to live but this is no time for complacency. If we are to maintain our comfort zone we have to be alert and aware. Sylvan Voice is here to bring you news on City-wide issues and to keep you up to date on matters such as lighting, cleaning, safety, parking, etc – all the stuff that the SHRA handle on your behalf every day.

Sylvan Voice can also act as a notice board for airing opinions and news and for announcements, such as items for sale, or if you offer a service of interest to other residents – hairdressing, ironing, pet-sitting, plant watering, etc – let us have your input.